Ramón Coronado is a cross-media designer. In 2011 Ramón joined Marshall Rake to form Public-Library, a cross-disciplinary design studio.

This address is now an archive. For current work and design inquiries please visit → Public-Library.org

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Client List
Levi's, Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony, Fred Segal, Giant Bicycles, K-Swiss, Myspace, Playstation, Katalyst, Octobers Very Own, ChefStable, Joint Editorial & YACHT.

Zero Minus Plus, 2010 World Expo: Shanghai, Cumulus 2010, Pure DKNY, Brea Art Gallery, Romano Hänni: Helvetica & Adrian Grenier: SFHT Pop-up.

Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture, Nisha Design Magazine, Good Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, Fold Magazine, WENN, Epilogue Magazine, Current_, Fast Company, Spook Magazine & Communication Arts.


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